The Cool Girl's Guide to Budgeting

Why the Cool Girl's Guide to Budgeting Works...

How would you like your girl (or you!) to avoid massive money mistakes, invest early and live a life free of debt and financial stress?
If you're like most parents, you want to provide your daughter with every opportunity to succeed. So, you'll invest in Club Volleyball, Dance Lessons, SAT/ACT Prep Classes and more.
But...what about investing in your daughter so she can learn how to manage money and become financially independent?
A girl who is taught how to make and manage money is able to have the knowledge to become financially independent which will lead to higher self-esteem and self-worth.
Just imagine your daughter....
  • Being able to have control over her own money, instead of having someone else (like a toxic man, boss or landlord) controlling her
  • Having the wisdom to know the difference between needs vs. wants and setting long-term financial goals
  • Living a life free of money stress because she is able to pay her bills on-time
  • Having the discipline to say no to certain purchases
  • Being able to teach her future children about money because YOU provided her with the gift of learning how to budget
That sounds like something I would like for my daughter. How about you?
That's why I created The Cool Girl's Guide to Budgeting.
The Cool Girl's Guide to Budgeting is the opposite of a classroom feel.  It's a fun and engaging online course that girls can take at their own pace and from their laptops or phone. The Cool Girl's Guide to Budgeting teaches girls the crucial components about managing money that they will need to use the rest of their life (can you say that about a parallelogram?)
Your girl will learn money essentials such as:
  • Why creating a budget is crucial for her financial success
  • How to have a Monthly Money Meeting
  • The power of setting a financial goal and then creating a strategy to hit it
  • The difference between Needs vs. Wants
  • Exactly how to budget her money, month-by-month
  • How to fill out a budgeting template
  • and so much more!
For only $47, your daughter will have full access to The Cool Girl's Guide to Budgeting and can start her path to becoming a financially wise, independent and successful woman.
The Cool Girl's Guide to Budgeting is a digital course that girls can take on their laptop or phone.  The lessons and videos are short as it was created in a TikTok style which is how girls like to absorb content. Their progress will be tracked along the way and they will always have access to the content!
You may think they'll learn about money in school. However, a majority of schools don't require a personal finance class.  And even if your school DOES have a personal finance class, the girls need more. And, frankly, they need something outside of the classroom.
You might teach her at home but it's hard, time consuming and...if we're being honest...girls ages 14-24 start listening to other people more than their parents. 
Which leads me to ask, who is your daughter listening to when it comes to learning about money? 
Because there's a lot of shady characters out there on TikTok that are giving some bad advice.
Here is what other's are saying about moveHER Money:
"I just finished the course! SARAH! it was so amazing, informative, intimate, and made learning about money 1000% more interesting than school. I love how concise each module was.  I will definitely be referring my friends to this. 💗💗💗 I am so grateful that I got to take it before graduating college and going out and getting a “real” job. 🥹 I thought that it was really cool that you added in the comparison module too- it is so true, especially in today’s generation!!!"
-  Liberty
“I found it extremely valuable to learn how to budget. It is so important to manage your spending when you want a new game day outfit but you need a tank of gas and groceries too. In this course I learned so much about how to manage my money and so much more. I grew up super fortunate and have always made it a goal to give my future kids what I had growing up. This course has not better prepared me to truly achieve that goal and I’m so thankful that Sarah was able to create this course and teach so many girls, like me, how to be financially independent and successful.”
- Ella
“Completing moveHER Money was SO eye opening for me. I feel like I now have a better grasp on spending my money wisely and making sure that I utilize a budget to pay back my student loans AND still buy the things I really want. I would 10/10 recommend any girl in her early twenties to take the moveHER money course!!”
I truly believe that one of the best gifts you could give your girl, besides a strong faith in God, is the gift of financial literacy.  YOU (mom, dad, grandma) will truly change your daughter's life for the better, since money is one of the biggest pillars we have in our life.
Your daughter is waiting and ready to learn how to make, save and be independent with her money. Help her get the green light and, most importantly, BE TAUGHT what to do.
I'm so excited for this journey and how it will deeply impact your girl's future. 🤍
Also, way to go, you....for making a chance and having the desire to positively impact your girl.
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$47.00 USD