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The Wealth Track for Girls

Position your daughter to get ahead financially by learning the key steps of building wealth at a young age.

As an adult, we know that our financial decisions in our teens and twenties can have a significant impact on our future (whether that’s good or bad.) Choosing to invest your money vs. choosing to max out a credit card will lead to very different paths.

Even if you feel like “no one ever taught me about money!”, it doesn’t have to be the same for your girl!

Building wealth isn’t just about the dollar sign. It’s about having freedom, options, and choices in your life. It’s about having control over your future instead of someone else controlling you. When a girl learns the four foundations of building wealth, she can create a life of financial security and freedom.

Girls who take “The Wealth Track for Girls” will learn:

  • Responsibility with Money: Create and maintain a monthly budget.
  • Goal Setting: Set and achieve her biggest financial goals.
  • Automated Savings: Make saving money an automated habit.
  • Early Investing: Get ahead financially in life through early investing.
  • Roadmaps and Templates: Tools and processes made specifically to help girls win with their money

What you’re getting inside The Wealth Track for Girls:

The Wealth Track for Girls is the opposite of a classroom feel. It's a fun and engaging online course that you can take at your own pace, from your laptop or phone. The Wealth Track for Girls teaches girls the crucial components about money and wealth that they will need to use for the rest of their lives (can you say that about a parallelogram?)

Course Highlights

  • 24/7 Lifetime Access: Enjoy unlimited access, including all future updates!
  • Templates and Roadmaps: Get practical tools for budgeting, investing, and more.
  • Personalized Support: Reach out anytime for 1:1 help or questions.

Course Modules:

  • Step 1: Budgeting 101
  • Step 2: Saving and Goal Setting
  • Step 3: Invest for Your Future
  • Step 4: How the Heck do I Invest?
  • Step 5: Retirement and Investment Options


Plus, when you enroll your girl in “The Wealth Track for Girls” we’ll include these free bonuses worth over $300!

  • Gen Z Credit Climb: The Ultimate Playbook for Credit Score Success ($197 value)
    • An entire playbook to unlock the secrets to achieve a stellar credit score in just 3-6 months – without the debt!
  • “It Is Possible! - How I Earned Two Debt-Free Degrees and How You Can, Too” eBook by Jason Brown ($12 value)
  • Dollars and Dreams Checklist ($97 value)
    • This key checklist in 1:1 money coaching helps girls create a plan, take action, and stay accountable to achieve their financial goals

Imagine your daughter (or you!)...

Being able to have control over her own money, instead of having someone else (like a toxic man, boss or landlord) controlling her.

Having the wisdom to know the difference between needs vs. wants and setting long-term financial goals.

Living a life free of money stress because she was able to steer clear of debt and can budget her money.

Having a strong marriage and avoiding one of the top reasons for divorce...money disputes.

Being able to teach her future children about money because YOU provided her with the gift of financial literacy.

Here’s what girls are saying about The Wealth Track for Girls by moveHER Money!

“I am proud of my decision to complete The Wealth Track for Girls mini-course. Before taking this course, I easily became overwhelmed when money was discussed as well as anxious over what I did not know. This course provided realistic outlines and suggestions for planning, saving, and tracking. Knowing the basics and being confident in what financial knowledge I do have, I feel less influenced by the unknown. I frequently encourage my friends to take this course, as well as to consider gifting it to other young women looking to become more financially literate.” -Bre

“Completing moveHER Money was SO eye opening for me. I feel like I now have a better grasp on spending my money wisely and making sure that I utilize a budget to pay back my student loans AND still buy the things I really want. I would 10/10 recommend any girl in her early twenties to take the moveHER money course!!”  - Maddy

"moveHER Money put into perspective how to make, save, and use my money responsibly and mindfully in order to have a financially successful future. I love that Sarah covers confusing topics like investing and simplifies them so that I can truly understand what decisions to make with my money." -Liberty

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