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Debt-Free Gen Z: A Girl’s Guide to Understanding & Eliminating Debt

Build a debt-free life that allows you to travel, afford nice things and keep the money you make instead of spending all of your hard earned money on loan payments.

Introducing Debt-Free Gen Z: A girl’s guide to understanding & eliminating debt, where you'll learn how to create a life free from debt, pay for items in cash and obtain a great credit score.
Right now in the U.S.,
  • Debt is considered normal.
  • Living paycheck to paycheck is considered normal.
  • Loan payments are considered normal.
  • Fighting about money is normal.
  • Financial stress is normal.
  • Having credit card debt is normal.
You know what?
Normal stinks!
I bet you don't want a normal life.
You want a life where you can:
  • Keep the money you make instead of spending it on loan payments.
  • Be able to afford a nice apartment and take fun trips.
  • Have a great credit score without being in debt.
  • Have a paid-for car.
  • Have the ability to start investing early because all of your money isn't going towards your credit card or student loan payments.
Let's make it happen!
Debt-Free Gen Z: A girl’s guide to understanding & eliminating debt will equip a girl to fully understand what debt is and how to live a debt-free life.
This mini-course will teach you important concepts on debt such as:
  • How to pay for college in cash.
  • How to buy a car in cash.
  • Everything you need to know about credit cards, APR, interest rates, etc.
  • How to build a great credit score in 3-6 months without going into debt.
  • Understanding how loan companies target and influence young women.
  • Understanding mortgages and the best strategies to qualify for one.
  • Strategies on how to pay off debt.
  • And more!
Debt-Free Gen Z is designed to be an engaging departure from a traditional classroom experience.
It's a fun and engaging online course that girls can take at their own pace and from their laptops or phone. Debt-Free Gen Z teaches girls the crucial components about managing money and avoiding debt that they will need to use the rest of their life (can you say that about a parallelogram?)
For only $97, you will have full access to Debt-Free Gen Z: A girl's guide to understanding and eliminating debt and can start your path to becoming a financially wise, independent and successful woman.
Along with the course you will also get:
  1. How to Graduate from College with No Debt Cheat Sheet: $47
  2. "It IS Possible! How I Earned Two Debt-Free Degrees...and How You Can, Too." by Jason Brown eBook: $12
  3. Monthly Money Goals and Strategy Template: $97
  4. moveHER Money Phone Wallpapers - $47
  5. BONUS Module: A Girl's Biggest Thief (Comparison) - $97

For a total value of: $397, but you will pay just $97


Here is what other girls are saying about the moveHER Money Courses:

"I just finished the course! SARAH! It was so amazing, informative, intimate, and made learning about money 1000% more interesting than school. I love how concise each module was.  I will definitely be referring my friends to this. 💗💗💗 I am so grateful that I got to take it before graduating college and going out and getting a “real” job. 🥹 I thought that it was really cool that you added in the comparison module too- it is so true, especially in today’s generation!!!"
-  Liberty
“I found it extremely valuable to learn how to budget. It is so important to manage your spending when you want a new game day outfit but you need a tank of gas and groceries too. In this course I learned so much about how to manage my money and so much more. I grew up super fortunate and have always made it a goal to give my future kids what I had growing up. This course has better prepared me to truly achieve that goal and I’m so thankful that Sarah was able to create this course and teach so many girls, like me, how to be financially independent and successful.”
- Ella
“Completing moveHER Money was SO eye opening for me. I feel like I now have a better grasp on spending my money wisely and making sure that I utilize a budget to pay back my student loans AND still buy the things I really want. I would 10/10 recommend any girl in her early twenties to take the moveHER money course!!”
Join me in Debt-Free Gen Z and take control of your financial future today!