Hi! I'm Sarah.

I'm so glad you're here!
I'm super passionate about seeing young women rise up in the area of leadership and money management as they engage with truth in a refreshing way!
I believe that girls who budget, save, invest and stay away from debt can live a drastically different life than girls who don't.
The question is...the girls need to learn about money somewhere. 
I would love to teach them.
Let's do this together!

My Money Background

As a high school student, I paid for my car in cash.

As a college student, I paid for my degree in cash.

Then, when my husband and I first got married we had almost $1M in debt (yep...you read that right!).

But, we paid off all our debt in under 6 years, including our house.

I like to live a not-so-normal money life. 

Normal is having debt.

Normal is living paycheck to paycheck.

Normal stinks!

I would be honored to teach your girl how to NOT be normal with her money so she can live an extraordinary life of financial security and wealth.

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